The Three Powers

Dec 03, 2019
The Three Powers

The 3rd Power is based upon three distinct yet interrelated components:

  • Me Power
  • We Power
  • Thee Power

Me Power is the innate, divine power that God has instilled in each of us. It includes our unique gifts, talents, and strengths—everything that makes us who we are, including our personality.

Me Power recognizes and acknowledges that God placed a bit of divinity in each one of us at the time of creation. As such, each of us has unique characteristics—special talents and gifts. Think of this as the inherent capability God expects us to develop and use to achieve self-fulfillment, make the world a better place, and glorify Him.

Me Power requires that we conduct a humble assessment of our unique characteristics, both good and bad. As mere mortals, we not only have to assess our spiritual gifts but also come to terms with our faults and weaknesses and work, with God’s help, to minimize or eliminate them altogether.

We Power recognizes that we live interdependent lives. As our Christian faith tells us, we are all connected as one part of the same body—the Body of Christ. We Power is an outward power.

At times, we are compelled to reach out to others for guidance, support, and consolation. Other times, we are called to support and encourage others, especially when they are going through a rough time. Some people have a difficult time with We Power—especially those who have a strong, independent streak. They may have a “go-it-alone” mentality driven by pride. Relying solely or primarily on Me Power, this personality type often has a limited impact by failing to leverage the power of others.

Thee Power is the ultimate power. It is our direct connection to God, independent of all others. It’s a connection we can make through many different methods—prayer, meditation, and contemplation being the primary ones. Supplemental methods include attending religious services, engaging in Bible study, and reading scripture and inspirational books.

All three Powers have one common denominator: God. Understanding these three distinct yet interrelated Powers is the key to deepening your faith. Think of Me, We, and Thee Powers as believing and trusting in ourselves, others, and God. The key to a deeper faith is understanding when and how to bring all three together in the proper proportion. For instance, some of us are very good at using Me Power when needed but don’t give much thought to We or Thee Power. Others overlook Me Power and rely on We Power. Still, others shift all the responsibility to Thee Power while sitting around waiting for God to solve their problems without lifting a hand to help themselves.